Digital Fundraising 101 →

Simply put, digital fundraising is fundraising using digital technology, such as email, social media, and mobile platforms. Rapid technological growth has transformed the way non-profits and other organizations fundraise and connect with their supporters.  

There are many different methods and platforms that can make digital fundraising easier. When used in combination with good communication strategy, digital fundraising is a great way to help your group raise the money it needs to make an even bigger impact.

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House Party 101: How to Put the “Fun” in Fundraising →

House parties are one fun and easy approach to start fundraising. They are informal, efficient, and can easily change to fit each group’s size, needs, budget, and goals.  House parties also provide a great opportunity to promote your work, network with others in the community, and serve as a morale-booster for group members.

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Sample Fundraising Social Media Posts →

Social media is a great tool to raise awareness of your cause and to encourage people to support your work. Similar to creating an effective fundraising email, using social media effectively to raise money requires telling a story and making an ask. This resource focuses on the two biggest social media platforms for raising money, Twitter and Facebook, but can be adapted to work for other platforms as well.

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Fundraising Principles →

Don’t think you have what it takes to  raise money? In December 2016, hundreds of thousands of people around the nation thought the same thing about activism, and they’re now a part of a thriving network of Indivisible groups.

You already have many of the skills necessary to raise money for your group, and we are here to help you put those skills into action. To start with the basics, we’ve outlined a few key principles to being an effective fundraiser.

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1:1 Fundraising Prospect Meetings →

Fundraising is just like organizing—it’s about building relationships through one-on-one conversations. Speaking to donors in person allows you to build strong relationships, which will lead to increased donations over time. Prospects for fundraising can be anyone who is interested in supporting your group’s work—including current donors, event/action attendees, local philanthropists, and others.

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