Communicating Across Differences Webinar →

Indivisible partnered with ListeningWorks, a project from Boston-based organization Youth on Board, to offer a webinar that allows you to strengthen your organization, build bridges between divided communities, and build a shared vision of unity.

By the end of this 90 minute training, you will have tools to listen across differences, develop greater empathy and understanding, and do deep canvassing in your community.

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How To Build Inclusive Partnerships

In our introduction to inclusivity, we set out why we all need to make inclusivity a core focus of our advocacy and set out some practical steps on how to embed inclusivity into our groups.

This document will set out guidelines for how to build inclusive partnerships, including who you can and should be reaching out to, and how to build trust and show respect when reaching out.

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How to be Inclusive: An Introduction

Donald Trump’s victory in November was shocking to many of us, but it did not come out of nowhere. It could only have happened in a society that has consistently devalued the lives and dignity of historically marginalized groups, such as people of color, immigrants, queer people, and women. This means that resistance cannot consist just of fighting back against Trump. Rather we have to work to overturn the patterns of injustice that helped Trump rise to power.

Therefore, a core Indivisible principle is that we must model the value of inclusion in our work and challenge efforts to silence the voices of people who have been marginalized or excluded. Being inclusive is an acknowledgment of the injustices that have brought us to this point. It is an investment in the durability and solidarity of our communities and in the efficacy of our work. And it is a rejection of the idea that any of us deserves to remain vulnerable or to be left out of the conversation.

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