How To Build Inclusive Partnerships

In our introduction to inclusivity, we set out why we all need to make inclusivity a core focus of our advocacy and set out some practical steps on how to embed inclusivity into our groups.

This document will set out guidelines for how to build inclusive partnerships, including who you can and should be reaching out to, and how to build trust and show respect when reaching out.

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How to Form Local Partnerships

Partnerships can be useful for a lot of different reasons. Maybe you need policy support or data/graphics for some work you’re doing, and another group has the experts who can help you. Maybe you’re having a rally and you want to be sure that lots of people will show up. Maybe you are conscious of the demographics of your own group, and you want to work on issues where other people’s voices should be front and center.

But partnerships are also about mutual benefit and mutual respect between two organizations. At their core, partnerships are about relationships—and long term partnerships require building trust in the same way that relationships do.

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