Proof of Insurance for Group Meetings

We've heard from group leaders across the country that one of the biggest barriers to securing meeting space is not being able to provide venues with proof of insurance. We are ecstatic to now be able to provide you with the certificate of insurance you need!

Indivisible Project's insurance can cover informational meetings of local groups organizing in accordance with our principles that are not directed or controlled by the Indivisible Project in any way. It unfortunately will not cover demonstrations, rallies, protests, or strikes. The informational meeting of your local group is likely covered by Indivisible Project's insurance if:

  1. Neither you nor any group leaders or members will encourage or condone any unlawful activities or activities that may cause physical harm to the space or any individual using the space; and
  2. You have not promoted the meeting as being related to a demonstration, rally, protest, or strike, and will not use the meeting for such purposes.

Complete the form below to receive a certificate of insurance for your group meeting! If you have any questions, please reach out to