How can we reimburse group members for purchases?

In the event that you are unable to use your True Link card to make purchases for your group, you are permitted to link your card to the mobile payment app Venmo to make reimbursements.

If you wish to reimburse yourself or other group members this way, you are required to submit itemized receipts along with your monthly report. Please remember that as your group’s treasurer, you are solely responsible for ensuring that all expenses fall within our spending guidelines, which can be found here. If you have any questions about permitted expenses, please reach out to prior to making the reimbursement.

Creating a Venmo account

  • Download the Venmo app on your mobile device: iOS & Android (Venmo does not have a Windows app)

  • Open the Venmo app

  • Choose your sign up method and create a secure password (between 8 and 32 characters long)

  • Verify your phone number and email address

  • Add and verify your True Link card. If you are not able to add your True Link card right away, try adding another bank account first, and then adding your True Link card using the instructions below.

Linking your True Link Card to Venmo

  • Open the Venmo App on your phone

  • Tap the "☰" icon in the upper left hand corner of the app

  • Under “Settings”, tap “Payment Methods”

  • Tap “Add bank or card...” and then tap “Card”

  • Add your card information manually or with your phone’s camera

For extra security, we suggest that you do NOT make your True Link card the default payment method. When sending money to someone in Venmo, you have the option to switch your payment method before you pay. We suggest selecting your True Link card (which will say “Sunrise Banks”) at this point so you don’t accidentally use it when paying for personal expenses!

As a reminder, you must submit ALL itemized receipts for each reimbursement made through Venmo, so be sure to have all receipts in-hand before doing so. Please reach out to with any additional questions or for assistance with linking your debit card to Venmo.