Communicating Across Differences

Indivisible partnered with ListeningWorks, a project from Boston-based organization Youth on Board, to offer a webinar that allows you to strengthen your organization, build bridges between divided communities, and build a shared vision of unity.

By the end of this 90 minute training, you will have tools to listen across differences, develop greater empathy and understanding, and do deep canvassing in your community.

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Distributed Fundraising Program Webinar

One of the most common requests we heard during our Listening Tour with group leaders this summer is that you want support from us to help you fundraise. You want to be able to pay for signs, meeting rooms, ads, etc., but you don’t want to go through the hullabaloo of forming a board of directors, writing bylaws, and registering as an independent organization. We heard you and are ecstatic to be providing a streamlined process for you to fundraise for costs associated with your Indivisible group.

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Relationship Building Webinar

Relationships are what make a movement move. Indivisible regional organizers share tips on how to build relationships and hold effective 1-on-1 meetings with supporters -- meetings that can open the door to making them into powerful new leaders in your group! All it takes is knowing how to ask.

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Group Structure Webinar

Build better teams → get more done → build more power. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to structure your group to accomplish more and stress out less. Our national organizing team talked with organizational experts to come up with the best guidance possible.

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Leadership Development Webinar

Feeling overwhelmed? Want to get your members plugged in to help run your local group? Indivisible’s organizing team shares best practices for how to identify and develop leaders in your group and build a sustainable team structure—so that we can all stay in the fights to come!

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Growing your Group Webinar

How do I recruit new members for my group? How do we get Facebook group members to come to meetings and actions more often? How can we sustain our energy and keep our group members feeling engaged and empowered? Hear answers to these questions and more with the Indivisible Organizing team!

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Election Laws and Your Group Webinar

We've been hearing from Indivisible groups that you want to know how to get involved in elections and also what restrictions incorporating would bring. Groups across the country can have a big impact on elections. As a volunteer, there are a variety of ways you can get involved! On Thursday at 8 PM, we'll be joined by Bolder Advocacy for a presentation about engaging in elections. 

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Endorsement Webinar

Why are endorsements important? How does my group decide to endorse a candidate in the primary or general election? What does it mean when we endorse a candidate? Hear answers to these questions and more with the Indivisible Political and Organizing teams

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Fight Systemic Oppression and White Supremacy

You asked for it and we listened. One of our takeaways from the Listening Tour was that you want more trainings, opportunities to share best practices on organizing, or to discuss topics that will contextualize our work in the broader movement space.

For our first event, we’ll dive into a conversation about systemic oppression, white supremacy, and how these forces show up in our lives and in our organizing.

We’ll hear from special guest Chris Crass, who will talk about systemic oppression and white supremacy, and how these forces show up in our lives. There will be room for questions and discussion at the end.

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Listening Tour Webinar

In June of this year, our Organizing team set out to speak to group leaders all over the country to get a better sense of what’s happening in groups all across the country—the best practices you’ve developed, challenges you’ve been facing, and ways that we can support you better.  After four months and more than 360 inspiring conversations with group leaders, we’ve put together our report out of the Listening Tour.

We spent days reading through the responses to identify common themes, pull out innovations, and better understand the support you need. We’re thrilled to share what we learned and roll out a suite of new tools, trainings and electoral resources in response to your feedback.

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