By submitting this form, I agree that all of the above information is true and accurate. I acknowledge and agree that Indivisible Project (“the Organization”) is agreeing to assist my local Indivisible group in accessing the NGP VAN platform (“the Platform”). I acknowledge and agree that neither I nor my local Indivisible group are agents or representatives of the Organization, that we are not authorized to act on behalf of the Organization, and that my group is an entity that is totally independent of the Organization.

I agree that I will comply with these terms and will instruct persons affiliated with my local Indivisible group to comply with the terms of this agreement, any other agreement relating to the use of the Platform, any person with authority over the use of the Platform, and any relevant laws or regulations that may apply to my use of the Platform. I also agree to abide by all of the terms set forth in NGP VAN’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

In the event that I misuse the Platform in violation of these terms or any other reasonable terms set forth by the Organization during my continued use of the Platform, the Organization may, in its sole discretion, immediately restrict my access to the Platform and take any additional reasonable measures it deems necessary to mitigate further misuse of the Platform.

Authorized Purposes.

  1. In General. The Platform and the data contained therein may not be used for any personal or private benefit, unauthorized, improper, or illegal use, including, but not limited to, the distribution of data to unauthorized persons.

  2. Information Privacy. I agree to protect the privacy of any personal information or data collected in the Platform and to not sell that information to any person, nor to distribute it nor share it with persons unaffiliated with Indivisible, including, but not limited to, any candidate for public office or their campaign. I agree that neither I nor any person affiliated with my local Indivisible group will encourage or condone unlawful activities or activities that may cause the unauthorized disclosure of information collected in the Platform.

  3. Coordination with Campaigns. The Platform may not be used in “coordination” (as defined by the relevant state or federal election authority -- see the Federal Election Commission definition here) with a candidate or political party or other unauthorized person or entity as identified in the training materials provided by the Organization. If I have questions as to whether a particular activity or use of the Platform constitutes coordination such that it may preclude my use of the Platform, I agree to contact the Organization prior to engaging in such activity or use. I understand that the Organization, in its sole discretion, may decide not to authorize certain users or uses based on the available information.

  4. Electoral Activity. I understand and agree that, to the extent I use the Platform for purposes related to local, state, and federal elections, I am solely responsible for identifying and complying with any and all applicable local, state, and federal campaign finance laws, including reporting requirements related to my electoral activity at the local, state, or federal level. I also understand that the Organization is not obligated to offer any guidance to me or other local Indivisible groups regarding these reporting requirements and that, to the extent it decides to provide such guidance, the Organization is not thereby assuming responsibility for the reporting obligations incurred by my or my local Indivisible group’s use of the Platform.

  5. Lobbying. I understand and agree that, to the extent I use the Platform for other purposes that may be subject to local, state, or federal regulation, including, but not limited to, regulation regarding registration and reporting requirements related to lobbying activity, I am solely responsible for ensuring that I comply with those laws and regulations.