How Do I Get a TurboVote Subsite?

The process is simple! Just follow these four steps to get started (and see answers to all your questions in our detailed FAQ here:

  1. Complete application form: select one person from your group to be the voter registration contact and complete the program application here.

  2. Complete TurboVote training: your group’s voter registration contact will receive an email with a link to watch a short training video and take a quick quiz on complying with Indivisible and TurboVote's privacy policies and terms of service. This shouldn't take longer than 25 minutes—plus the quiz is super easy!

  3. TurboVote sets up your subsite: your group’s information is sent to TurboVote and your subsite is built. We will be in contact with your group’s voter registration contact shortly after that to give them access!

  4. Register Voters: plan voter registration events to register voters in your community!