How do I access the voter registration user data?

Once you get your TurboVote subsite, you’ll get a log in for your TurboVote dashboard. The dashboard is pretty simple—you can both see your total numbers in an easy dashboard and download individual information in .csv format. 

See the below screenshots for more information: 

When you first log in, you’ll see your dashboard. This includes: the number of folks you’ve spoken to who started the registration process, the total number of sign ups (whether they registered or not), number of email sign ups and more: 


You can even sort by date! So say you had a big week of registration, you’d be able to  figure out how many folks requested registration assistance.

Simply click on “export” to the left to download the specific people you signed up. If you click on export you’ll get a full download of everyone. 


If the “partner-comms-opt-in” cell is blank, you’re welcome to add those folks to your email list—if the “partner-comms-opt-in” cell says TRUE, you can NOT add those folks to your list as they have specifically opted-out.