Thank you for your interest in an Indivisible TurboVote Subsite! The following will walk you through what a subsite is, how to access your data and other frequently asked questions. 

+ What is TurboVote?

TurboVote is an online application that helps voters get registered, stay registered, and get the information they need to vote in every election for the rest of their lives. Specifically, they track voters’ election calendars and get in touch through email and text messages before every election to assist with registering to vote, updating voter registration information, requesting absentee ballots, and finding a polling place.

+ How does TurboVote work?

When a voter signs up, TurboVote can guide them through their state’s online registration system, or email/text them prefilled voter registration forms along with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. If they want to vote by mail, TurboVote can send an application along with instructions. TurboVote provides reminders about election days and polling places, along with other pertinent voting information. No matter how or where someone is voting, TurboVote also help them navigate things like voter ID or proof-of-citizenship requirements.

+ What are TurboVote subsites?

TurboVote subsites through Indivisible are individual voter engagement sites that will include your group’s name/branding and give your group's voter registration point person access to the user data that you are collecting. This means groups will be able to keep track of how many people signed up, who they are, and follow-up with folks who opt-in to their contact lists.

+ How do I get a subsite?

The process is simple! Just follow these four steps to get started (and see answers to all your questions in our detailed FAQ here:

  1. Complete application form: select one person from your group to be the voter registration contact and complete the program application here.

  2. Complete TurboVote training: your group’s voter registration contact will receive an email with a link to watch a short training video and take a quick quiz on complying with Indivisible and TurboVote's privacy policies and terms of service. This shouldn't take longer than 25 minutes—plus the quiz is super easy!

  3. TurboVote sets up your subsite: your group’s information is sent to TurboVote and your subsite is built. We will be in contact with your group’s voter registration contact shortly after that to give them access!

  4. Register Voters: plan voter registration events to register voters in your community!

+ How do TurboVote Subsites work?

Watch the below training video for more informaiton on how TurboVote Subsites work!

+ What can/can’t I do with the voter registration user data I collect

By signing up for an Indivisible TurboVote subsite, groups agree to abide by all of the terms set forth in TurboVote’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, including, but not limited to, agreeing to protect the privacy of any personal information collected through the TurboVote platform and to not sell that information to any person and to not distribute it to or share it with persons unaffiliated with Indivisible. 

When individuals submit their contact information through TurboVote, they are offered the option to Opt-Out of the Indivisible national and local group email lists. If someone has opted-out, you are not permitted to contact them according to Indivisible’s privacy policy.

+ How do I access the voter registration user data?

Once you get your TurboVote subsite, you’ll get a log in for your TurboVote dashboard. The dashboard is pretty simple—you can both see your total numbers in an easy dashboard and download individual information in .csv format.

Other Questions

Please contact your organizer here if you have more questions that were not covered above.