Sample Fundraising Event Invitation →

One of the first steps to a successful house party is inviting attendees! This resources outlines how to do that and includes a sample invite that you can customize for your event.

Invite List

Before sending any invites, you will want to create an invite list. To do this, start by estimating the capacity of the house/venue. Focus your list on those with the ability to donate and likely interest in Indivisible’s work (capacity and proclivity are key!). Work with the hosts to create a guest list and encourage attendees to bring a friend or associate to help grow the list.

Invitation Format

Decide if you want to send an invite directly by email or use online sites such as Evite or Punchbowl. You could also do printed invitations via snail mail if you think your audience will be most receptive to that format, but that can be more time intensive to prepare.

Invitation Content

Be sure to include the title, date, location, time, and purpose of the event. Be clear in your invite that it is a fundraiser so people are primed to consider donating, and be up front about  a suggested donation if you wish. If you’re linking your efforts to a specific action, be sure to include that in your invite as well!

Finally, include a “RSVP by” date and be sure to follow up directly via calls, texts, and emails to increase attendance. If your event isn’t private, you may consider using social media to promote and raise awareness.

Sample Invitation

Here is a sample of text you may consider using. The graphic was created using the social share graphics and canva tutorial, which can be found here.

You are invited to Galactic Indivisible’s first fundraising house party! Friday, April 6th at 6: 30pm. Andy’s House: 234 Elm Street
2018 is the year that progressives take back the reins of our government and stop the GOP's hate-filled agenda. Join Galactic Indivisible as we host a house party to raise funds to hold protests at Senator Zurg’s office during the upcoming recess. We must continue to speak out against his vote in support of the Trump Tax Scam and let him know we won’t forget during this year’s midterm election.

Please RSVP by April 3rd. A $25 donation is suggested per person, which can be made online here: (link to your group’s ActBlue page). All donations will benefit Indivisible Sydney and will be used towards supporting future actions. Please reach out to Buzz Lightyear at with any questions.