How will donors decide if they want to donate to our group or to the Indivisible Project (our national organization)?

Donors will have the opportunity to contribute to local Indivisible groups, our national organization, or both! We view our local and national fundraising efforts as collaborative and promised in our fundraising philosophy back in May that we will try not to compete with local groups’ fundraising efforts. We want your fundraising efforts to be a success and to support your group’s activities, and we will be providing toolkits, resources, and campaign ideas to help you do the most effective fundraising you can. Within ActBlue, you will have direct access to everyone who’s donated to you so it’s easy for you to follow-up with your supporters.

At the same time, we’re proud to be fueled by small dollar donations at the national level because it ensures we’re most accountable to the millions standing indivisible across the country. We’ll continue to pursue donors across the country, including those who give to your local groups. We are also giving local groups the option to opt-in to sharing a higher percentage of their fundraising with us, so that we’re able to roll-out bigger and better programs across the country next year.