My group has endorsed a candidate for office. Does that change how we interact with someone in office for that position, who is also a candidate?

Anytime you work with a person who is also a candidate, you should be clear up front that you’re interacting only about issues, and not about the person’s campaign for office. Once your group has endorsed a candidate for office, this separation becomes even more important. Sometimes it becomes impossible to avoid candidate interactions after an endorsement, but you should always make clear that those interactions are strictly limited to issue advocacy and that you do not want to discuss any campaign for office. It’s usually a good idea to not only make this clear in person, but also to make it clear in any written correspondence about the issue advocacy. Also, please note: if you spend money on any issue advocacy with regard to a clearly identified candidate, federal or state law may put requirements on such communications and you should probably check with a lawyer before doing so.