You will receive a copy of the agreement via email (the email you provided as the group treasurer's email). Note: If you don't receive a copy of the agreement in the next hour please check your junk/spam folder.

What to Expect After Signing the Agreement:

  • Application Approval: An organizer from Indivisible may call you to the confirm the information you submitted in your application. Once your application has been approved you will receive a confirmation email. 
  • Set up ActBlue: Once your application has been approved, give us a few days to set up your ActBlue donation page. You’ll receive a message from ActBlue ( with instructions once it’s live. Please check your spam folder if ActBlue isn't already one of your approved contacts.
  • Fundraise: Begin fundraising! We have resources and campaign ideas on how to most effectively raise funds here, but get started with your own ideas right away. 
  • Activate and Use Your Debit Card: You will receive a debit card in the mail from a company called True Link. When you get your card, follow the instructions to activate it. We’ll be transferring funds to the debit card every two weeks.
  • File a Monthly Report: Save your receipts and submit a monthly report to Indivisible with the details about your expenses each month. See here for details on reporting, and note that you must receive pre-approval for any spending related to federal political activity. Don’t forget that your group is responsible for following any state or local lobbying laws (if they exist), which may include registration and reporting if your group spends more than a certain amount of money on lobbying or asking others to lobby state or local decision-makers.

If you have any questions please check out the program's FAQ page here or reach out through our help desk here.